Ni Tan Tan

We are a company with more than 15 years of experience, born out of an idea that come from the birth of our children and with the excitement of being able to celebrate their birthdays, each milestone, every moment. That emotion that all parents and family members have when that special date approaches each year and they can share in that moment is priceless. And why not? Also, our birthdays and celebrations are important moments as well. We started organizing our own family gatherings with passion and love and we want to do the same to celebrate your get-togethers.

We take care of the preparation; you enjoy the celebration!


Hosting & Entertaining

Décor packages

Audiovisual package

Children’s activities

Food, sweets, and desserts

Playgrounds & inflatables



There’s nothing more exciting for little ones than bringing their friends home for a sleepover. And with very little time and practically zero effort, you can fulfill their dreams and have them spend their night in teepees to make it a very special night. With a great variety in décor packages to suit your needs and themes. How do we do it? You choose the theme with our help and we take care of the rest, with the highest levels of cleanliness and quality. We bring the tipi tents to your home; we create a magical night for you, and we collect everything the next day. Let us be part of this great experience.


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